Helloooo Everyone!

Helloooo Everyone!

This is an urgent post from me. I’m sorry to let this explode to you right now but, I really need your help!!! I need to ensure that I could get these nails into Nail Polish Canada’s Holiday Nail Art Contest Week 1!

The subject this week is SNOW! I couldn’t make up my mind regarding the theme until I saw my flat mate was wiping her snow secured windows of the moist that developed! Like an epiphany, it simply came to me as I stare at the picture infront of me – window sheets that have snow developed in the corners. The only thing I can envision is sitting in a cabin some place with a hot chocolate, nestled into a fire, gazing out at the evergreen trees through the snow. That now became my inspiration.

These nails were very simple to do and really charming from afar! I began off with Pure Ice Bikini on every one of my nails to mirror the delightful blue sky I envisioned. At that point I generously applied the evergreen trees utilizing China Glaze Running In Circles using my most loved little nail workmanship brush.

I then added China Glaze Desert Sun to mirror wood that would be in this winter lodge I’m longing for. At long last I included the snow at the ledges utilizing Cult Nails Tempest. After that additional a layer of Pretty and Polished S’no Mans Land from years ago was added to give the snow a little surface.

I had a great deal of fun doing this, in light of the fact that this is the main nail workmanship I’ve figured out how to complete in a long time! I’m truly happy I could complete them 🙂 If you’d like you can vote in favor of me HERE in the Snow week for Nail Polish Canada’s Holiday Nail Art Contest! Or, on the other hand simply vote in favor of whomever’s nail craftsmanship you like best! I wish you all a fantastic week!