Welcome to SincerelyStephanieNails.com.

Welcome to SincerelyStephanieNails.com.

If you are still wondering and was not able to get it yet from the banner and the url, this is my personal blogsite about nails. Interesting, huh? I bet, now I’ve managed to awaken your curiosity. Since you are already here, why not look around and check all the things I have to offer? Ladies or gentlemen, you’ll learn something here before the day ends.

Nails. Have you had yours done lately? If you have the obsession like me, then perhaps you have been looking for tips to make your next appointment to the nail salon more interesting. What is more beautiful than new designs to choose from right? If you want to do it yourself, I have all the techniques to teach you here.

Anyway, I regularly update my blogsite almost 3-4 times a week, so you’ll never get bored. Before you apply the one posted, you already have a choice for your next one. The nice thing about this is that, I also upload video tutorials of nail application, nail art techniques, and other nail care tips you should know. These are very easy that you could apply it yourself at home. You could even bring in your girl pals with you. Incorporate my teachings during a slumber party or an afternoon bonding session. This is useful especially on occassions like proms, and parties. I bet you want to get polished from head to toe.

Plans, updates, events

Due to the high volume of demand, I am planning to conduct events and get-togethers to bring the followers of this blogs together. Just this month, I received several requests to do just that so I’m beginning to make plans.

In fact, I am already on the process of converting my garage into a nail salon. Nothing too big, just something everybody can enjoy for these events. It also alleviate the added cost of renting our a space for these get togethers.

Just the other day I already had a new one installed by my favorite Wichita garage door service. This is a contemporary garage door type, that is sturdy and unbelievable quiet while operating. It won’t provide any disturbance in the neighborhood especially with how my house situated very close to my suburban Phoenix, AZ neighbors. It also has a good insulation that would protect us from heat or cold. Plus it brings forth a much cooler air so we won’t be uncomfortable during these get-togethers.

Anyway, my plan was to bring everybody together for a workshop in doing nails. For those who are not yet that used to doing their nails alone, or for those who need additional info for their salons, this could be an opportunity for you. I already met with some partners here for sponsorship on the said event. I was thinking of hosting a nail art contest for enthusiasts out there. Of course, there are also generous giveaways from my nails shop and other sponsors.

Date is not yet finalize so sign up to my newsletter so you won’t miss it! Also, visit my shop to check out what I have to offer.

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