About Me

Hi i am Stephanie! I even have a good love and fervour for all things nails, enamel and nail art. i like learning a lot and making an attempt to try out new things. I hope you all get pleasure from my diary the maximum amount as i like doing it!

Why nails? Hmm.. let me see..

I think the obsession started with my facination to all things colorful and glittery. When I was younger, mama would go to a nail spa salon and I’d never get tired of going around some of the customers and being the excited bystander while they had their nails painted. My favorite was when they let the salon staff add glitters to their colorful nails. Some would even be creative and ask for different colors for each nails.

I was not allowed to paint my nails until I turned 16. Before then, I think my mama intentionally have her nails painted in glitters everytime, just because she thinks I love the sparkly thing. I would constantly grab her hand and look at it all day long.

When I started painting my nails at 16, I began getting creative. I started experimenting on colors, mixing and matching them. Sometimes, I’d put stickers on them to make them look more creative. Nail art was not in existence yet that time, so you do you designs manually and just do away with the usual stuff they use for cleaning nails. I even researched about different designs and ways in applying nail polish constantly which would not weaken your nails.

Since then, I have learned many techniques in nail care. That also became my basis in starting my own youtube tutorial video clips that aim to help other girla who love putting nail polish as well.

Go around and check out my blogsite for all things nail-friendly and wonderful!

Sincerely Stephanie ♥